Why Black “Chicks” vs. Black”Girls”?

So why did I choose to go with the word “chicks” vs. “girls” for this adventure?  Let’s break it down:

  1. BlackGirlsRun!, founded in 2009, is focused on introducing, and connecting  African-American women to running and all the benefits that come with it.  Highly aware of the excessive rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity rates within the black community  BGR sought to get black women moving through the power of community.  The two ladies who started it should be commended, applauded and congratulated for all of their hard hard work and I in no way want to take away from that by having a similar name.
  2. Chicks rock!  Seriously, a chick is willing to do what it takes to improve, do more and get better.  We are intrinsically against resting on our laurels.  Want to try rock climbing? Schedule it.  Not sure about barre Pilates   Try it.  Got a yearning to learn cross-functional movements and constantly varied workouts?  Sign-up for that next free CF class…heck just schedule the foundations/essentials class.  You know you’re investing in your long-term development.

Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to build the site.  Feel free to provide suggestions on tags, categories, topics and more.  You make this happen…I just document it.



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