We do this..

About 2 mos ago, right before Hurricane Sandy decided to land, I was texting with a male friend, effectively talking to him about CrossFit and asking him to take a chance and try it.  He had already tried trainers, bootcamps and marathon attempts and he determined that his knees couldn’t support the long, hard runs that he wanted to do. 

As part of my campaign I did what any other intelligent female would do: I sent him pictures of sexy female and buff male crossfitters to entice him to sign up (lol).  Online videos, pics, and memes of crossfitters are numerous, varied and gorgeous (seriously).

These are often pictures of elite athletes that train 5-6 days a week, research methods of improvement (Paleo, mobility, etc.) and compete at regional competitons with hopes of matriculating to the national CrossFit Games.

He liked what he saw, but he also asked if there were any women of African descent that were crossfitters.  Why?  The pictures that I showed him didn’t include any…nary a one.  I never thought about it.  That was when BCW started to kick around my psyche.  Monday, after speaking/convincing another friend to give it a try; hearing her say “I’m going to die” and subsequently reassuring her that she most certainly would not, I started BCW.

We [Black Chicks] do this crazy WOD thing and we love it…we talk about it just as much as any other crossfitter because the results are so awesome.  Check your FaceBook feed.  Odds are good that someone that looks like you might have mentioned a particularly harrowing WOD.  Ask people in your church, non-profit organization and/or sorority.  I think you’ll be surprised to see how many Black Chicks WOD. 

I know I was :).


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2 thoughts on “We do this..

  1. Hey! I’m EXCITED to have found your blog! I’m a black girl and I crossfit. I love it, my friends think I’m crazy but hey! who cares! Now proceeding to read your blog in its entirety.

    • Hey! Welcome! This is why i created this sucker! We BlackChicksWod and its both insane and fun so why not WOD together right?!
      Be.sure to follow me on Instagram @blackchickswod and use #bcwod for any pics!

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