Not the Best Start!


So clearly this ain’t paleo and it sure as hell isn’t “clean” eating, but it’s better than most of what’s available while driving a somewhat long distance.

The reality is that I should have packed a lunch, maybe some fruit, turkey and some organic cranberries for a sugar kick.  What I have is a grilled chicken ranch snack wrap (protein), small fries (Booo! Mmmm!) and filtered water. Lunch for less than $3!  Not the best start, but I did what I could with what I have. 


How are you planning to eat healthier during the final leg of the holiday season?

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Posted on the (interval) run…M^2 #BCWOD #StrongGyal


2 thoughts on “Not the Best Start!

  1. The prices for the amount of food that you receive from these fast food joints are nearly impossible to beat. Yet, for a healthier choice, a quick stop at the grocery store for a sandwich and fruit would suffice.

    The problem with Mickey Dee’s is that everything is coated with chemicals, even the fruit salad.

    • Hi nikalaasante! Thanks for posting! Agreed…I considered getting the sliced apples, but I knew they would likely have sugar added to them, so I opted for the fries. Granted, not any better, but a Rae occurrence for me. An apple and a sandwich wrap, say at TraderJoes, would have set me back by about $4, which is insane compared to under $3 for the Golden arches.
      I’m thinking of doing a 30-60 day food/clean eating challenge starting January 1to get back on track and hit some more PRs.

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