“Cindy” you Wench…

Ok, got my Detox in.  Today was my first day back in “da box” after 5 whole days – of mamma’s home cooking – off from my WODS.  Technically, it’s more like 6 days off.  The fact is that I didn’t pass out, however my stomach (full of chicken pesto pasta and sacher torte cake from La Madeline) was bubbling just a bit…I took it as a hint: get back in the saddle or pray to the porcelain gods.

Stay tuned for the food plan..until then:

Today’s DuttyWOD

15 Minutes AMRAP of “CINDY” Power Cleans

1 Power clean – RX 155/105lbs (I did 85lbs so as not to completely embarrass myself lol)

1 Round of Cindy – 5 Pull-ups (blue band), 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats

2 Power Cleans  @ 85lbs

1 Round of Cindy


I finished 8 complete rounds, i.e. worked all the way up to 8 Power Cleans at 85lbs and completed the associated round of Cindy.  That is a grand total of 36 flipping power cleans, 40 bloody strict pull ups (blue band), 80 push ups (the last 30 on my knees *blink*) and 120 Air Squats.

The time is now 11:26 PM EST and my hips, biceps, and hamstrings are singing soprano; oh Cindy, you wench…you definitely welcomed me back with open arms.


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