Yup, that’s what my CrossFit coach said.  “This WOD is ‘puke-worthy'”.

Mind you, he wasn’t even talking to me when he said that.  He was speaking with another coach that walked in asking about today’s workout.  I overheard Master Splinter (my nickname for him) use the term.  I mean, be serious!  It’s pretty damn hard to ignore! Especially considering a chick in my class had just finished telling me she might hurl because she ate too much during the holiday. SHEESH.

Todays DuttyWOD:

12 Minutes (1X1) Row for Meters
Meaning: one minute sprint rows, one minute rest for a total of 24 minutes.

There was seriously a part of me that thought we were only going up to 12 total minutes! Imagine my trepidation when we kept going past round 6 and shifted into 7. By round 9 my legs were rubbery and burning at the same time; my forearms tingling as if there was a warm breeze on my skin (there so wasn’t). But then round 10 got me. I focused more on breathing and maintaining my form than if I was going to make it. By round 11 my inner #StrongGyal was on full alert; I’ll be damned if I quit now. I wanted to row that bastard contraption into the ground; I sincerely wanted the most meters. With sweat gathering in the corners of eyes that were closed tightly to prevent the sting, and my teeth clenched, I simply wanted to win. Just one more freaking…pull!

Among the women I came in 3rd; edged out of 2nd place by less than 50M. There were only 4 chicks and 1 guy there tonight (due to the holidays). I didn’t win (this time), but it’s only been 2 mos since I started this adventure. I already know I’ll do better next time because I completed this WOD.

Lessons Learned:
Think less about what you can’t do and more about what you will (not “can”) do.

Just when you think you can’t take anymore; when you think your legs, your arms, or your drive might give out; that’s when you truly see what you are capable of. That’s when you realize lasting results.

P.S. No. I did not puke; but it definitely had me thinking about the upcoming Paleo challenge lol.

Have you had any “puke-worthy” WODs lately? What were they? Let me know below!


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