Chitlins and Whole “Get the Eff Outta Here” Foods

So I’m doing a 30 Day Paleo Challenge starting January 20th and I’m attempting to be proactive by developing recipes, grocery shopping and eating my sugar loaded food now.

Sidebar: Most programs or books that I’ve read about Paleo suggest throwing out the bad foods; clean out the pantry and freezer so ypu wont be tempted.  I find that to be absolutely reprehensible and even culturally offensive.  African-Americans were, historically, raised to salvage whatever food was possible and never throw away anything…that comes from hundreds of years of not having an excess of foods to waste.   Its amazing what you can do with leftovers when thats all you are given to eat!

“Chitlins” anyone?

In colonial times, hogs were slaughtered in December. During slavery, in order to maximize profits, slave owners commonly fed their slaves in the cheapest manner possible. At hog butchering time, the preferred cuts of meat were reserved for the master’s use. The remains, such as fatback, snouts, ears, neck bones, feet, and intestines were given to the slaves for their consumption.
Source:  Wikipedia

No, I’m not posting a pic of Chitlins, because in my personal opinion, it’s just nasty.  However, I recognize that when you  have little to no choice in what to eat, it’s amazing what you will do to survive.

The reality is this: to throw perfectly good food away is just plain wrong.  Donate it to the homeless, your church or feed it to your non Paleo friends, but don’t waste it.  We are blessed to even have these “1st World” problems of choosing what types of food we can eat.  Let’s not allow our arrogance to disregard those that would do anything to be in our shoes.

*Steps off 20-inch [soap] box*

So any who, I hit up Whole Foods and dammmnnnn my eye balls popped out at the cost of some of this stuff…

  • Coconut Oil for friggin $17 bucks!  Pass.
  • Almond Flour for more than I care to remember (itty, bitty bag too!).  Pass.
  • Salmon at $26.99 a pound!  Friggin hand-carried and laced in gold!  Pass!

I ended up picking up some organic lettuce (small), coconut spread at $4.99 a pop and some Yogi Green Tea “Muscle Recovery”.

What did this trip teach me?  Trader Joe’s is a God-send, Costco and my freezer will be my best friends and we gonna have to plan very well for this Paleo Challenge…like on an insane, parent of triplets level.

I think I’m about to become my mother…lol (minus the kids and the hubby of course!)

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6 thoughts on “Chitlins and Whole “Get the Eff Outta Here” Foods

  1. Honestly, with Paleo, I just strive to eat according to the general guidelines. I’ll eat farm raised salmon vs wild caught salmon. When I have extra play money, then I buy myself wild caught errthing as a treat! Lol. My dys of going broke cos of paleo are over!

    • This was my first true Plaeo Challenge so I wanted to start off right, but im learning! I actually.located frozen wild salmon at Costco..already quartered so i can take it.out piece by piece. Also loving the deals at Trader Joes and plan to hit a farmers market this weekend. Im def noticing the difference in flavor too. I’m actually taking the time to really savor my food vs. scarfing it down!

  2. Whole Food robs people blind. I love the chain, I mean, it’s so swank. But geez…the price. I went to one in West Chester a few years back with my folks and they spent close to $100 on a small bag of food. I thought of boycotting the store for awhile. Trader Joe’s is awesome!!

    • Right! Unfortunately, i have to go to Wholefoods for certain.items that just aren’t in TJs…I had to get spaghetti squash there because its out of season; I want to try Kerrygold butter (grassfed pasturized cows = good!) and I’m really aiming for some Applegate sausage…all items that are not at TJs *tear*

      • Are there any mom and pop health food stores near you? I sometimes go to one to find certain items. Whole Foods definitely knows what they are doing. They have so much stuff and if I ever get married I want them to cater my wedding, lol. But the price…just kills me. BTW, I love spaghetti squash1

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