Paleo date:12113 – D1: Ground Zero

Paleo Trek: The Next Generation

Real Food: The Final Frontier
These are the musings of the CrossFitter M^2 and her 30 Day Paleo Challenge: to explore strange new recipes that do not include wheat, legumes, dairy, sugars and/or processed foods.
To seek out new opportunities to learn about her body, eat clean/train dirty, understand a food processor, and boldly go where she has never gone before: her very own kitchen.

CrossFitter’s log, paleo date:12013 – Ground Zero
This is it.  At 2PM today, I started my Paleo Trek 30 Day Challenge with a 1 hour nutrition class led by Bobby of Cupid Undie Run…pretty dope.  I’m learning a lot about what actually makes fat (sugar/insulin) and what foods work for the challenge (grass fed, no sugar, etc.) and what do not (preservatives, etc.).  Got weighed and measured (calipers!), but forgot to wear shorts, so they couldn’t measure the fat on the front of my leg.  I have to go back for that one.

Upon leaving my intro class, I’m extremely hungry and need red meat.  What do I see?  Five Guys, calling my name.  But I just started my challenge?  What do I do?  How do I satisfy this hunger monster that is slowly working into a raging headache???  Mini-burger with onions and bacon and a bottled water.  Removed the bread and went HAM on the burger. 

Was it worth it?  Not in my personal opinion.  It cost almost almost $10 for that little sandwich.  I could have spent that on grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes, butter lettuce and a couple of waters at the store.  It helped at the time, but I think it’s time to figure out a better way to allocate my dough.

Will I be done in by the hunger/headache monster again??

CrossFitter’s log, Paleo date:12113 – D1
My first full day of Paleo.  Tea with no sugar, splenda or honey…cutting the taste with lemon instead and surprisingly, it works!  I made enough food this past weekend to feed a family (at least for two days), so my packed lunch is looking awesome…but my sweet tooth is tingling.
What. Do. I. Do?


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Unapologetic blackness in fitness and wellness #bcwod

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