Paleo date:12313 – D3: Hunger Monster

Paleo Trek: The Next Generation

Real Food: The Final Frontier
These are the musings of the CrossFitter M^2 and her 30 Day Paleo Challenge: to explore strange new recipes that do not include wheat, legumes, dairy, sugars and/or processed foods.
To seek out new opportunities to learn about her body, eat clean/train dirty, understand a food processor, and boldly go where she has never gone before: her very own kitchen.

CrossFitter’s log, Paleo date:12313 – D3
Danger!  Danger! Danger!  Dark Chocolate in moderation is good; too much is bad.  But when I’m an hour past my regular time to eat, it’s like I can’t STOP eating.  I have to have more.  And the only thing I have is the Dark Chocolate.  I’m sorry.  It’s still Paleo, but I want to control it more than I did.  I had to eat.  It actually hurt to not continue eating.
Sigh.  It’s not a fail, but it’s something I need to document.  I have to eat on time or have a snack prior to my later lunch.  Time to find these famed Tanka Bars/Bites that I keep hearing about and put them in every bag, pocket and vehicle that I access.  This just can’t happen again…..i smashed that (dark) chocolate bar!


About M^2

Unapologetic blackness in fitness and wellness #bcwod

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