Paleo date:12413 – D4

Paleo Trek: The Next Generation

Real Food: The Final Frontier
These are the musings of the CrossFitter M^2 and her 30 Day Paleo Challenge: to explore strange new recipes that do not include wheat, legumes, dairy, sugars and/or processed foods.

To seek out new opportunities to learn about her body, eat clean/train dirty, understand a food processor, and boldly go where she has never gone before: her very own kitchen

CrossFitter’s log, Paleo date:12413 – D4

I smell the donuts that they brought in this morning.  Dunkin’ Donuts.  The Walgreens of the sugar set, i.e. one on every corner.  They brought them for a work meet and greet, and they smell DIVINE.  Knowing that donuts (Glazed!! Pumpkin!! Chocolate Glazed!!!) was the meal of choice this morning, I pre-emptively ate my sweet potato hash browns and red bell pepper, sausage and bacon egg frittata; with a side of tea (no sugar, no honey, just lemon).

It worked!  I smelled it, but was not tempted to eat it.  After only four days on Paleo, I already see and feel a difference in my body and clothes.  My belly fat, though not excessive, seems less; abs are making an appearance.  My waist, already small, seems to be getting smaller; at least judging by my belt and pants. 

I’ve been in this situation before; on the precipice of the body that I know that I can have and I’ve frittered it away on pepperoni pizza and chocolate cake.  II want to ride this train to the end, but I have a baby shower to go to this weekend.

Will I be able to resist frosted cakes and pizza?


About M^2

Unapologetic blackness in fitness and wellness #bcwod

2 thoughts on “Paleo date:12413 – D4

    • I had cake! Baby shower cake on day 6 got me lol. I couldnt resist! I was completely sugar free all week and then had to go to the baby shower where i ate grapes and strawberries(to avoid the pizza)! Mind you I ate lunch before going to the shower!
      It’s very hard to resist cake lol
      But, awesome moment: I felt every ounce of sugar coursing through my body…it was both surreal and eye opening. The “sugar rush” made my skin tingle and have me a headache! Which sort of made me not want any more cake! Which drives home the benefits of Paleo even more! Whay does the augar truly do but give you a fake high?

      I’m actually really enjoying this sucker and can’t wait to see the difference! 21 days to go!

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