Paleo date:12813 – D8 “Paleo Flu”

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These are the musings of the CrossFitter M^2 and her 30 Day Paleo Challenge: to explore strange new recipes that do not include wheat, legumes, dairy, sugars and/or processed foods. To seek out new opportunities to learn about her body, eat clean/train dirty, understand a food processor, and boldly go where she has never gone before: her very own kitchen.

CrossFitter’s log, Paleo date:12813 – D8

So I think I mentioned a few posts ago, that I got sick and that was my “Paleo Flu” when Wod’ability goes down, fatigue sets inquicker and Im irritable.  Well, i think that I just had a cold before; this might really be the “paleo flu” now.

I just finished a pretty wicked WOD [see WOD, courtesy of CrossFit Balance]


No matter what you think, that sucker was a 23 min burner.  I got dizzy, I was last to complete each of the 25 cal rows (which pissed me off), and I couldn’t find my wall ball rhythm.  I didn’t even make it to the double unders (which really ticked me off)!  Then I started listening to what my body was saying:

Hey!  Yeah, you!  Where are my carbs and sugar?  I’m not used to this fat…I want cake!

Basically, although I’m more comfy with the idea of Pale, the food and the cooking…this is clearly the point where my body has finished working out the old and is taking in the new.  I’m feeling the difference in the fit of my clothes and the fact that my [sweets] cravings have subsided significantly.  I’m even drinking more water (wow!) without the feeling of it’s my last resort.

I actually want to drink it.

Hopefully this “flu” won’t affect my WODs for too long…general lore says about a week.

I’ll let you know.  Anybody else experience “Paleo Flu”?  What were your “symptoms”?

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5 thoughts on “Paleo date:12813 – D8 “Paleo Flu”

  1. Mphm. I hear you. I have gluten flu right now, as I have to eat gluten for another 3 weeks until I get the blood test that will determine if I have intolerance/allergy/coeliac disease. It’s horrendous how much it affects my joints and my recovery time!

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  3. I’ve never heard of this or the low carb flu. I’m totally intrigued and will have to look it up. I hope you feel better!!! On a brighter note, the story is up. Thanks so much for letting me interview you!!! My editor is super happy.

  4. I’m sorry you feel bad. Read Mark Sisson’s marksdailyapple blog. It contains information about the low-carb flu and things you can do to alleviate your symptoms. Try to eat more paleo carbs at this time for extra energy, and ofcourse, hydrate!

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