CrossFit only works if you are willing to be uncomfortable, vary your habits and go hard. If you’re not willing to do those things, don’t expect CrossFit to benefit you. You get out, what you put in. Even I have to be reminded of that sometimes.

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9 thoughts on “Reminder!

  1. I have tried the Whole30. I have only been able to successfully complete it ONCE. Subsequently, I have achieved Whole 3s, Whole 1s, and a Whole 7s. Ha! Yeah, CC got me meaner than a mug!

    Haven’t done the 21DSD..don’t wanna pay! Waaahhhh

  2. Sleep: I’ve always been an insomniac. I have good days, and I have bad days.

    Nutrition: I am a stress and emotional eater. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Even when I try to eat clean, once I am stressed, pschew! I’m reaching for some bread and my weakness – coca cola! With nutrition, I have good and bad days too. Hmmph!

    • Girl! My sweet tooth has been my downfall! Soooo, i’m focusing on putting certain sweets in front of me and loading up a lil more on the fruit vs. the cakes, donuts, pies, etc. Last night i made an apple pie out of almond meal and apples…and some spices. That’s it! IT IS SO GOOD! And i put them in tiny little dishes so i can eat it all week vs. in just one sitting.

      Wow..CC got you like that huh? Bread is so beautiful…and evil at the same time lol

      have you tried the Whole 30 plan? Or the 21 day Sugar Detox?

      *M^2* Follow me *@blackchickswod*

  3. Oh shush! If you are RX’ing WODs then your behind needs to register FOR REAL! LOL! I’m yet to RX any WOD. I’ve been crossfitting on and off for 2 years. In the past year, I haven’t honestly taken it seriously, like I go to the box and I WOD but…my biggest thing was coming from a BS of 45lbs to 180lbs. My best part is when I don’t add my plates right and I actually lift more than I thought I was lifting e.g. my 240lb deadlift! I hate how I feel during the wods – they honestly suck, but I love how strong I get. I have had to face some of my negative self-talk during a wod or two or three and Lord knows there have been many days when I cried during a wod or right after……

    You honestly have NO reason to not sign up for the Open! Do it for the kids! Do it for black women getting their fitness on! JUST.DO.IT

    • Ok so i heard a couple.of things there: 1. You’re stronger than you think you are.  That means you’re likely over thinking it (which I do sometimes also). The point is be “reminded” of what CrossFit is here to do: break you out of ruts and have you steadily improve.  It might be time to get serious again…go consistently.  Aim to RX WODs.  Come up with a goal of RX’ing 3 WODs a month.  That’s a great way to start.

      2.  I was in the same boat as you w the BS weight and feeling like something was wrong with me!  Literally wanted to quit! However, as quitting is so not in my vocab, I stuck it.  Actually, i had gotten into a slight rut myself….seeing the CrossFit definition that’s posted here totally reminded me of my goals…screw everything else, just try your hardest to improve from the.previous week.  Be uncomfortable! The only tears i let flow are the ones that come when im busting my ass on my PRs and WODs (tear leakage lol)

      3.  I think you should do the Open. You’ve been at it longer than me!  And my PR for deadlifts is only 215!!!!!

      Shoot maybe we should both just suck it up, pay the $20, and see where we land.

      So what’s up…you in?

      M^2 Sent

    • I was JUST talking with my box mates last night about it.  

      I’m debating, as it’s only $20, but I’m still just shy of RX’ing my WODs (just got my second RX last night…woot, woot!!).  TTB still kicks my ass and I really HATE running lol.

      I will be there supporting my box and the two chicks I regularly set PRs with are entering, so that’s getting me closer to saying yes. Yep, group pressure lol.  But those chicks are crazy nice and supportive and I appreciate thier encouragement.

      How about you?  How long have you been doing CrossFit?  What are some of your PRs?  What do you love/hate?

      M^2 Sent

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