Slow & Steady


Often I see some boxmates (typically guys, but chicks too) loading a lot of weight up. They want to show, others, that they can move weight during the strength training. Everybody wants a chance to show off, including myself…but at this stage of the game (and age), I would rather take my time and build up, over time, to heavy weights, than rush it.

I spotted a boxmate today that was squatting heavy..which is fine. What wasn’t fine was how poor her form was…she could have got the bar up if she followed the.mechanics. She didn’t have it down, she didnt know how to drop the bar safely, the bar fell and it dinged my forearm. I have a slight bruise that will go away with some biggie. But it could have been.

The weights, bars, bad form…they can hurt you or someone else (ME!) so please be careful. Don’t be in such a hurry to look good, but not be good.

Remember the Tortoise and the Hare (yeah, yeah, I know, old school, but on point)…that half-shell might have gone slow, but he still won.

Btw: New PR Today 200# Back Squats

I started this past October having to swallow my ego at being told I was doing them incorrectly; facing the bar/rack the wrong way and not engaging my lats, abs or butt. #slow&steady


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9 thoughts on “Slow & Steady

  1. Didn’t someone try to correct her? I watch people do things that can sometimes damage equipment or hurt someone and while I appreciate the gym staff leaving people alone, I wish they would put up signs or something. IDK. Hope your arm heals soon. Congrats on the PR.

    • It was too late to correct her…she already had too much weight.  It was her third round tho…so what might jave happened is that she simply put too much weight on and then her form collapsed under it… The coaches were walking around correcting folks, but in CrossFit there is a general expectation that you should be responsible and be cognizant of your load.

      M^2 Sent

  2. Nice PR and I like your message. Harming others as we WOD or lift is not on. I got 45 kilos on my front squat this week – but it was a one rep max and I was going for three and had to dump the bar. A clear sign to me to drop back and improve that form!

    • Exactly!   Awesome effort, but if it ain’t working, don’t push it just for the sake of looking good.   Back off, regroup, review the mechanics and build up over time.

      M^2 Sent

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