CrossFit Open 13.1: Virgin no more!


Score: 137 Reps and 16:17 for time!

Came in 6th out of all the chicks that competed! I did better than a good number of men!


No longer a CrossFit Competition virgin, last night in heat 2, I did my best to not pass out, cough up phlegm (caught a cold 2 days ago) or embarrass my box, my friends that came out, or myself. 

I mean seriously, if you’re going to wear “Wonder Woman” wrist wraps, you damn well best not come in last, ya dig?


Outfit complete with my new wrist wraps, my “5 Weeks, 5 WODs shirt, my Lululemon heqdbqnd and Nike gloves, I probably looked just a little “cray, cray”, but OMG I had so much fun!

My cheering section was out in full force! Through the haze of exhaustion, I could hear them keeping me in check: “Keep your feet together”, “Drop the bar”, “Get on that bar”, “You got 10 more!”, “Gooooooo!”.   I’m so freaking grateful to have had that in my corner…and so completely humbled by it.

Now that it’s over, I can’t help but think: “If this was the first week, what the hell is next weeks going to look like?” 

But in reality, does it even matter? I’m doing it no matter what.  I’m having fun, challenging myself and living to tell the tale.  That works for me!

Pictures are coming y’all…standby.


About M^2

Unapologetic blackness in fitness and wellness #bcwod

5 thoughts on “CrossFit Open 13.1: Virgin no more!

  1. Oh wow! GREAT job! You are totes amazeballs. Lol. 137 reps???? whoosh! I got 100 which is ok considering my 1RM is 65# and I’ve never done more than 10 reps at 45#. Way to go chica

    • Ahhhh! Congrats for getting through the second set of burpees! And for going strong at the 45#!!!!

      This was, by far, one of the hardest freakin workouts I’ve ever done and jus the fact that you came out and did your best is awesome! Now you can say you’ve done 30 reps at 45#!!!!

      Woot, Woot!

      M^2 Sent

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