“Do you Lift”?

So lets talk about this for a second:

I hit the crack store yesterday (Lululemon and no I didn’t put in a link…better to help you save money), and the manager (whew, cute!) he asks me if I lift and I immediately got a little offended…which sorta shocked me and made me pause.

He meant it in a positive, “sexy is strong”, “you look good”, kind of way and I took it in a “you’re bulky and large” kind of way.  It was a compliment and I didn’t even really see it as anything more than feeling that “I’m too pretty to lift”.

What complete and utter bull$hit. 

I love lifting.  I break my neck and rearrange my schedule to make Olympic weightlifting classes and plan to add additional training to my schedule.  I watch videos and religiously follow Diane Fu @fubarbell on instagram, I considered doing SuperFit this summer so I could rock my squats (PR 200), deadlifts (PR 215), press (PR 105), etc.  I want to set new PRs (my bad, “Personal Records”)! I want to perfect my snatch and overhead squat…I freaking love Olys (but the shoes are stupid ugly lol).

So the fact that I stood there offended by the fact that someone saw, really SAW me for who and what I am, and freaking liked it, means that I need to get over my own misconceptions about what strength and sexy is, accept me and rock on.  Because amazingly enough, everyone else does.

I get compliments on my physique every day.  Every. Single. Day.  People at the day job, the box, the gym, the stores…everyone compliments my arms, back, abs etc.  They know I’m working hard and getting results and they want those results too!

The funny thing is that I have never felt sexier, cuter, more beautiful or as confident as I do now in my pseudo-slim (lol, I’m “heavier” than ever!), strong and really (really, really) single life.

Because “Yes, I do lift”.  And I’m so effing proud+cocky that I can, and do, rock weights, that I gotta say it: Fellas if you can’t lift more than me, you need not apply to this chica right here. #realtalk

So, I’m over it…and here’s hoping that tall cutie comes through to WOD in my box some time soon.
(Wow, that sounded just a bit naughty didn’t it? Lol! #loveit)

How sexy is your strong?  Muscles on chicks, hot or not (to you)? 


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3 thoughts on ““Do you Lift”?

  1. Ha! I totally feel you. I get it all the time, for me I think it also reminds me of my extra pudge that I need to lose…once I can get my cortisol levels down. Muscle + Extra Body Fat (pudge) = She Hulk 😦

  2. I don’t blame you for having a moment’s pause over the compliment. There are still MANY people who act like a girl lifting is a bad thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women diss Jessica Biel or Hillary Swank because they have defined arms and they are NOT bulky ladies at all. I’ve had people tell me that I look diesel and because of some of the myths out there I’m left thinking, Did I just receive a backhanded compliment or something? I like women who have muscle definition, because 1) I think it looks nice and 2) It can be telling of how much work a person has put into their fitness. I’m not personally into beefed up muscles, but regardless of what type of muscles a women has, I give her props for having some. I’m always trying to get right with Jesus, so I don’t really say what I want to say when someone says something negative about a women’s body. What I want to say is, “At least she’s taking care of her body, you lazy f!ck!” because let’s be real, a lot of people who are looking down on muscular women are not doing boo to get fit. Thus endeth the rant.

    • The thing that tripped me up the most, is that I have yet to run into someone that has something negative to say about my muscles…everyone, flipping strangers, has been supportive. I was holding myself back because of my preconceived notions of what “girls” should look like. And it’s crazy b/c I was the biggest tomboy every growing up! Still love me some sweats! So the fact that i was initially offended, means that i’m not paying attention to what is real and true in my life. I need to just be me and be proud of my accomplishments and the fact that they show on the inside and the outside…everybody else can go kick rocks!

      And yah, i’m trying to get right with Jesus too, but I swear if someone rolls up on me saying something negative, they might just not make it out alive (verbal mercenary!!) lol #awesomerant #soapboxmondays

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