CrossFit Open: 13.3 I Survived!


226 total reps (150 wall balls and 76 double unders)…
Photo courtesy of @amusinglyquirky who came out to yell at me to earn my upcoming “bday cake” lol…check my homie out y’all

Yes, yes i could have made it to 90 DUs, but the freaking cramp in my stomach prevented it. What caused the cramp? Probably the lack of oxygen brought on by the wall balls and the sinus infection that laid me up on Tuesday. Lol…#thisismylife

So with that said, I’m still happy with my performance.

Who else survived 13.3?

Which part did you hate the most…the WBs, DUs, MUs or the “no reps” you got (bc i know I sure as hell got em!)


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Unapologetic blackness in fitness and wellness #bcwod

4 thoughts on “CrossFit Open: 13.3 I Survived!

    • I was mostly just in the gym..directly prior to CF i had spent about 8 mos w a personal trainer where I learned a lot pf cardio nased mechanics, then 8 mos on my own where I experimented with dif types of fitness (3 days strength, 2 days cardio, barre pilates, yoga, etx.) then 3 mos of bootcamp and then CrossFit.


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