CrossFit WODs or Work Out for the Days connects Crossfitters. We laugh in both disbelief and relief while lying flat on our backs, heart pumping overtime, sweat pouring into our eyes and soaking our wick-away technology shirts as we consider the fact that we not only survived the WOD, but we actually finished under time.

That elation is what BlackChicksWOD hopes to use to bring African-American women together and into a community linked by PRs, Paleo, Wall Balls, Snatches and Squats.
We are here to transcend fears, blow past cultural hang ups, laugh over the latest hair escapades and document it for the next Chick.

Join us as we encourage more Black Chicks to set new personal records every day; to live life fully, set goals, earn them through hard work and strive to come in first during our WODs.

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