12 Days of Christmas…Aaaahh!

I want to do the “The 12 Days of Christmas” WOD at my box today…
What is the CF version of “12 Days of Christmas”? I truly think you should see it for yourself…do a quick search for it online with the aforementioned terms and watch what pops up…pure insanity lol.
Effectively 12 rounds of whatever combination of events that a any box can devise. The challenge of completing it, just finishing under time (even scaled!) makes me positively giddy.

Why cant I make it? Because I have to work, get my hair done and run errands before I leave to visit the parental units.

I’ve thought about how I could squeeze it in; if I could skip the meetings at work (nope), get the WOD in before my hair appointment because newly processed hair does not react well to sweat within a fee hours (very slim chance) or go late tonight (negative: bday happy hour and errands). But I still WANT to try…heck I even packed my gear and sneakers this morning.

The reality is that I probably shouldn’t go…I hit my box for 3 days straight and the rule of thumb is “3 days on, 1 day off”. My body feels good, but I recognize the tightness in my hamstrings and shoulders. I didn’t use my foam roller or lacrosse balls to stretch and ease the muscles…that alone is a set up. You dont go so hard that you don’t rest your body; it could cause you to lose focus during a WOD and hurt yourself or someone else in your box.

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