Get your ass in gear already.

Do one thing a day, a week or a month that scares the $hit out of you.  Reap the benefits, the lesson and/or the knowledge and then repeat.

CrossFit forces me to address/attack doubts every day.  It’s why I love it.

Name something you did that scared you.  What was the result? Immediate result and a few months down the road.

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Watch “CrossFit – Happiness and Intellectual Pursuits” on YouTube

Interview with Elizabeth Akinwale, top ranked Crossfitter and a sponsored Oly Lifter.


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Sometimes it’s about just finishing; completing a project, goal, whatever, that has the power to crush you…if you let it.

Memorial Day Murph is more than a workout…it’s an affirmation.  I can do whatever I want to do, be whoever I want to be; it’s going to be excruciatingly long, increasinfly difficult, all-together painful, but I can do it.

I did Murph today. 

My time was 55:10 and that is a pittance compared to those who served, and continue to serve, in our Armed Forces.  Many thanks to them for doing a whole lot more that an hour-long workout.

I did Murph today, and the clarity it gave me  the mentality that I had to have to keep going, is like a delicate, yet uneasing breath blowing on barely lit embers…a fire just waiting for its chance to burn brighter and hotter than ever before.  This  is my life…and it is more than I ever considered; potential never realized.

It is time to live up to it.

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My Original BCWOD Inspiration!

Check out the chick that first got me to actually consider CrossFit! 

Way back in May 2012, I met Morgan at a conference in Las Vegas and although I worked out, she was flipping excited to hit a local box while I chose to workout by myself at the hotel provided by the gym.  #booooooooo

Watching Morgan transform herself through hard work, and being happy about it, got my ass in gear!

Watch Morgan at the 2013 RVA ALPHA STRONGMAN COMPETITON!!!!!!


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14 Local Fitness- and Nutrition-Focused Instagram Users | Health | Washingtonian

Is it any freaking wonder that I’m so in to this healthy, good food, CrossFit thing? Im surrounded by awesome coaches and great recipes all day long!

Check some of em out here and follow em on instagram:


14 Local Fitness- and Nutrition-Focused Instagram Users | Health | Washingtonian.

@devinmaier – Devin is my bootcamp coach, CrossFit journey champion and all around good guy!

@ultragrassfed – Bobby’s story is awesome, his service to kids spectacular (search “Cupid Undie Run”and his advocacy of Paleo is why I eat beautifully every day.

@rxdyoga – Sima made yoga interesting, funny and challening for me. Screw the tinkling water and bells…she plays Adele and makes you laigh. My ability to do handstands is in large part due to her!

@paleoparents – if they can figure out healthy food that kids will eat, its sorta a no-brainer for us adults. Really. No. Brainer.

Your Food…or is it?

This was so interesting to see, that I had to post it. 

This is the food we (you) typically eat.  Pre-Paleo, these were staples in my cupboard.  Pre-packaged and processed to within an inch of life, this has to make you think just a little about what you consume.

What does your cabinet look like?  How many of these products can you spot on one side and in one glance at your pantry?

Share your thoughts. 

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