Graphic Paleo

Everyone has their own schedules and responsibilities that they have to adhere to, but sometimes pictures help a whole hell of a lot more than words so here’s a little something to get you jump started.


Meal Prep

No one wants to be in the kitchen for hours on end throughout a tough work week.  So, consider preparing one breakfast, three proteins that can be used for lunch and/or dinner, one pre-workout and one post workout snack for 5 days.

Your meal prep requires discipline and focus; you only have to do it  once a week and then, BOOM, you’re done.

Make friends with your refrigerator, freezer and Ziploc containers.  Love them, and they will love you back.

Groceries a Go-Go

Supermarket Sweep” your way into knowing how to find the food you need for this challenge and not get tricked by corporate marketing and their use of the term “organic”.

Supermarket Shopping

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